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Challenge #4: Valentine's Special: Will You Be My Virgin!Lex?

Challenge #4: Will You Be My ... Virgin!Lex?
It happens. You can admit it. Sometimes you just want a bit of Het Smut. It's okay. Even the most committed of slashers occasionally wants a taste of something different ... exotic even, in the Smallville world. (We are, after all, one of the few fandoms that seems to need "het smut" warnings!)

And February is V-month : valentines, vaginas, virgins. So, here's your chance to let Lex have the girl of his dreams. Or someone else's dreams. Or really, any girl at all, but it does have to be a girl/woman - am I making that clear enough? (Clark in drag doesn't count, although if you're desperate enough to give Clark a vagina, we'll talk.)

Does Lex's Alpha Female deserve a pair of diamond earrings? Does he find his Mrs. Robinson? Does he fall for the likes of Lana and her Amazing Regenerating Virginity or Chloe and the Cleavage of Doom? Smutty minds want to know!

Rules - well, they're more like Guidelines really
1) The major point of this entire community is to get Lex laid, so that should happen during the course of the story. Lex MUST be a virgin - now, that term is certainly up for debate, but I'm sure you'll figure out something.
2) Pairing must be heterosexual. Sorry, slashers - time to branch out.
3) Any length.
4) Please post your completed story to the community using an LJ cut. Please include title, author, pairing, rating, and a summary including any warnings (i.e. spoilers). Stories can be archived elsewhere after the deadline has passed.
5) Deadline for posting stories to the community: February 28, 2005.

Writers, start your vaginas engines! Write, write, write!!

Questions, comments, or suggestions for future challenges ... let Lacey know.

Please drop a note in the comments if you're planning to participate. Thanks!

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