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Challenge #5: Location, Location, Location!

Challenge #5: Location, Location, Location!
(Suggested by Quiet Tiger)

This month we're doing it on location. Or Lex is, anyway.

You've dreamed of it. A little village in Tuscany. A cabin in the Swiss Alps. The school trip to New York. That camping trip with Clark where he and Lex get stranded in that leaky tent and have to huddle for warmth. Or maybe it's even more specific ... the storage cupboard on the fourth floor of Excelsior prep, the top of the Eiffel Tower, the trunk of a car (hey, remember Dominique and his bondage routine - Lex seemed to know about tying someone up in the trunk of a car!).

This challenge is all about location - exotic, public, out of the way, extraordinary. Think of an interesting/unusual place for the scene of seduction and let Lex lose his virginity.

General Rules - well, they're more like Guidelines really:
1) The major point of this entire community is to get Lex laid, so that should happen during the course of the story. Lex MUST be a virgin - now, that term is certainly up for debate, but I'm sure you'll figure out something.
2) Pairing can be slash or het.
3) Any length, any rating.
4) Please post your completed story to the community using an LJ cut. Please include title, author, pairing, rating, and a summary including any warnings (i.e. spoilers). Stories can be archived elsewhere after the deadline has passed.
5) Deadline for posting stories to the community: May 31, 2005.

Nothing but the best for our Lex, so remember that when you're hunting for just the right location.

Questions, comments, or suggestions for future challenges ... let Lacey know. And be sure to spread the word to all the writers you know. Please drop a note in the comments if you're planning to participate. Thanks!

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